Margasa Complete tearing line


1-Farrell model A1 30/2200 hydraulic bale press
1 main motor 10 Kw, 2- 20 Kw motor redactors
Approximate weight of bale 250 -270 Kgs
Bale dimensions: 120 X 110 X 80 Cms
Accumulator with entrance to the bale press by means of a transport belt/apron
Electric control panel with controls

2-5 cylinders tearing machine, model Margasa 1000
200 Mm feed rolls equipped on all cylinders (rubber covered0, first cylinder feed rolls are metallic dented

1 cylinder is equipped with 40,000 metallic dented teeth
2nd cylinder with 50,000
3rd cylinder with 60,000
4thCylinder with 75,000
5thCylinder with 85,000

Installed power:
1-2 cylinders 125 Kw @ 220 V
3-4 cylinders 100 Kw @ 220 V
5 cylinder 50 Kw @ 220 V

All above are equipped with mechanical variable speed electric controls

Suction by way of 5 extractor fans 10 Kw each @ 220 V, 3000 RPM to a LUWA central filtration system or to filter bags.
Bale press exit from the 5 cylinder by way of inclined double apron

It is possible to feed the bale press from 1-2-3 or 4thcylinder, by means of a Morley condenser to the bale press.
The waste can be recovered by means of a bottom apron + waste beater
Control panel capable of start up and protected, individual start up of cylinders
Inversion mechanism for all 5 sections.
Production depending on the stock is 450-600 Kgs/hou

3-Chute feed to the tearing line by Porto 1000,
behind the first cylinder over the apron that feeds the 1 cylinder and therefore feeds a uniform and continuous stock, stock feed can be metered by means of electronic detectors
Power is a 0.50 Kw motor with a reducer, + 2-2 Kw motors

4-Intermediate feeder by Porto, 600 Kgs capacity, electrical motor fed, venturi feeding device to feed the chute feed, control panel incorporated.

6-1 Meter width rotary cutter by Gamba, with control panel.

7-Accessories and spare parts:
2- complete cylinders
2-motor variator
Several dented wheel
First dented roll rubber covered